The Winning Music Short Films are Music to our Ears

June 6, 2017

Audience Awards just ran it’s 2017 Music Shorts Film Festival. These films were a mixture of story-telling beauty and talented musical performances.

In first place, we have the documentary Bridge Music – Short Documentary.

Director Andrew Porter follows artist Joseph Bertolozzi as he travels around the world making music by using bridges as massive percussion instruments. The film is a testament to the world of film and music.  

Bridge Music Shorts

Watch Bridge Music by Andrew Porter

Following up behind in 2nd place is Julian Clark’s Overcame the Sun – Cloudy Busey.

When an astronaut has a re-entry to earth that goes disastrously wrong, he is forced to look inside himself and figure out who he sees.

Overcame the Sun

Watch Overcame the Sun – Cloudy Busey by Julian Clark

Rounding out our winners in third place is Musician, by Aleksei Boroikov. 

The film centers around a young, aspiring pianist named Dima as he prepares to audition for a prestigious music school. Just before the audition, however, Dima discovers his parents are separated and he must work to keep his family intact.

The movie serves as Boroikov’s tribute to one of his most constant inspirations. “Music has always inspired me,” Boroikov says. “I have always dreamed of making a music picture.”


Watch Musician by Aleksei Boroikov

Thank you to all filmmakers who submitted and congratulations to our winners! We look forward to seeing the top three films premiere at AudFest 2018!


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